Wednesday, 29 June 2011

more thoughts on branding

I was watching Murray and contemplating thing3. It occurred  to me that my one line presence is not something I can manufacture. It will evolve along with my involvment and interactions with others on the web. I was getting abit uptight about presenting an "image" and being careful how I appear in case I damage my professional persona. To be honest I am not interested in appearing as some kind of "super library advocate" I believe in the value of libraries, the value of education and the importance of breaking through into the digital age however painful it may be in the short term. Every part of my life feeds into every other and so it would be unrealistic to attempt to compartmentalise them. I missed the end of the match, but Murray is through to the semi!

1 comment:

  1. Same here. I only have the one blog where I blog about personal stuff, work, and general ramblings about anything and everything. I cannot separate the professional from the personal so people will have to take me as I am. I think there is a real danger that in trying to project a professional, polished image, you lose your sense of self to the point that your online presence is no longer you. Does that make sense?!!! I think I'm thinking too much ;)