Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Personal Branding? sounds painful!

I know having a positive online presence is what it is all about, but I do struggle with the notion of self promotion. I'm a bit too reserved English to feel comfortable with that. I did try to find myself and was quite pleased that none of the Pam Riley's in the world had anything to do with me. However, I will try. Another issue I have is that much as I am a committed library professional,  a lot of my life involves things very much apart from library stuff and I would be afraid of boring people with my ramblings about dogs, church, teenage daughters (who would kill me if I wrote about them anyway). Maybe I should have different blogs for different things? I'm not sure I could manage more than one at a time. By the way, is anybody out there going to Umbrella? I landed myself a sponsored place and it would be nice to have someone to say hello to

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